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Sustainable Education Ghana


Sustainable Education Ghana is a partnership between Voices of African Mothers, SEG, and Tetra to create a new school that will empower the future girls of Ghana to become leaders of tomorrow. We have a vision: a safe-haven for girls, where they can receive quality food, water, shelter, education and mentorship. We call it VAM Girls Academy.

The school will be a 200-acre plot of land in Sogakope, Ghana, right along the banks of the Volta River. While we have begun the construction of dorms on our property, we have been blessed with the opportunity to build 6 schools of VAM Girls Academy this coming summer, which will serve at least 240 girls, to start.

Backed by Experience

Founded in 2004 by Nana Fosu-Randall, we are a 501(c)3 organization with Consultative Status to the ECOSOC branch of the United Nations. As a team, VAM works tirelessly to advance issues related to gender equality, environmental sustainability, and healthy family life.

VAM has a history of successful programs that empower and protect children, such as the John Williams Montessori School in Kumasi, Ghana, micro-finance initiatives for women, and programs to broaden students’ access to education.

Our John William Montessori School alone serves currently over 900 students, with a waiting list of 150 prospective students. Dedicated to fostering leadership, community and responsibility, the school has recently been noimnated to receive a certificate of accreditation from the University of Cambridge.

We hold this to be an example of the excellence we practice as an educational institution.

Thomas Okafu, Contractor (Standing, Right)
Kwasi Yankah, Land Surveyor (Standing, Third from right)
George Hortey and Anthony Kudiabor, Architects (Standing, Left)

SEG architects and engineers meeting with local professionals to review campus plans