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Saturday’s Child

Meet some of the children whose education is sponsored by VAM. With the students is the School Director, Mr. Henry Mills and the School Administrator, Mr. Kojo Adu Nkrusah. The three youngest children in the picture suddenly lost their father, who was a teacher at our school. However, we continue to maintain the responsibility of their education. The other children either have no parents or parents who are unable to contribute to their child's education.

This is one of "Mama" Nana's special friends, who is fondly called Wofa. He is one of the challenged children sponsored by VAM.

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The John William Montessori School has about 50 children who require assistance. This means that you and I are taking care of them...education, food, clothing and housing. Your contributions help children like Kelvin and Rosemond.

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Kelvin and Rosemond are brother and sister. Their father came to our school, John William Montessori School (JWMS), and just handed his children to us as a gift before he died. Their father told some of the workers in our school … "I know Grandmom will make sure my children will be better educated and taken care of in her hands." They have no one to care for them. Both parents passed way five years ago.

Please donate today so that Voices of African Mothers can continue to make a difference in their lives!

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